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Safeguard against mold with Icynene in Mold Awareness Month

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Safeguard against mold with Icynene in Mold Awareness Month

September is national mold awareness month , a time of year when heavy rains and dead leaves collect on roofs and around foundations. This time of year also marks the start of cold, wet months and heavy precipitation, factors that wear heavily on buildings of all kinds.

On top of that, when the temperature drops, it's likely that animals will go looking for winter homes and burrows. Housing insulation is a perfect options for mammals as small as rabbits and weasels and as big as raccoons, owls and other medium-sized creatures. Regular padded and fiberglass insulation products are great homes for these critters, as this material gives easily and can be turned into nest material. Come spring, there may be plenty of young animals and little creatures crawling around your attic or crawl space if you don't take the time during the fall months to safeguard against these threats.

Boosting national awareness
The U.S. Environment Protection Agency declared that September is National Indoor Mold Awareness Month. This has put the EPA in a position to remind homeowners and other residential managers that now is the time to fix leaky roofs, ceilings, pipes, faucets and other areas around the house that are known for causing moisture issues. These are the primary offenders in creating excess dampness, making interior environments exceed the 30 to 50 percent of total humidity suggested in any structure. Anything beyond this point causes liquid to condense in and around walls, making it difficult for homeowners to control how wet their houses become.

If there is too much moisture inside your house, mold and mildew will likely build up during this time period.

Keeping humidity under control requires promoting a thorough seal throughout a house. Icynene spray foam insulation does just that, lining the interior cavity in any wall, crawl space, basement or attic that is applied. This makes it easy for homeowners to reduce or eliminate the probability that liquid precipitation will accrue on pipes or other heating and cooling elements.

The EPA recommended replacing everything from drywall to insulation when making essential changes to homes. It's easy to simply focus on the physical factors associated with residential repairs, such as painting over water stains or putting new paint over old marks. By going all the way to the source and fixing the problem with Icynene spray foam insulation, moisture and mildew are problems of the past. There is no need to worry about accruing negative air or moisture qualities around a home when these kinds of water reduction elements are in play.

Increasing home efficiency
While homeowners are thinking about cutting the moisture and dampness in their homes, it's also important to consider the impact that spray foam can have on other elements throughout houses. If you are concerned about local wildlife, strong storms or losing money to high heating and cooling bills, Icynene is the ideal solution for reducing these issues. Apply this substance to any wall, roof or crawl space to ensure coverage and the best possible seal against outdoor factors possible.

Icynene spray foam insulation creates a seal that keeps these animals out and heat inside where it belongs. Deterring the presence of wild creatures also helps create better air quality, as the presence of other creatures can cause havoc. Promote the best health in all of your friends, family and other visitors by ensuring your home is protected with Icynene spray foam insulation. Talk to a certified Icynene contractor or installer to ensure that you are covering all of the important areas of your home and promoting an airtight seal throughout the house.

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