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Smart remodeling calls for Icynene spray foam addition

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Smart remodeling calls for Icynene spray foam addition

Many homeowners seek to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by remodeling their existing structures. They may look at products like Icynene spray foam insulation, which can help them cut up to 50 percent^ off their current heating and cooling bills, in order to improve their current structures. For those trying to add value to their home as well as save money in other areas, spray foam is one of the best solutions for ensuring that a build goes smoothly and remains on target to original budgets for these expansion projects.

Adding value to homes
Mother Earth News wrote that there are a variety of factors to consider when upgrading a home and adding on to the current layout. The new portion of the structure should be updated as much as the rest of the home in order to ensure maximum energy efficiency, and as the source pointed out, this can sometimes require an overhaul of the entire building while the addition is being laid out. That way, by the time it comes time to add spray foam insulation to the new portion of the building, the rest of the house will be ready for the same application as well. Upgrading the entire house at once will produce a much more marked effect in heating and cooling efficiency, as well as reducing overall costs once the structure is completely upgraded.

Jeremy Knoll, an architect and energy specialist, told Mother Nature Network that getting an energy efficiency rating before a build can help homeowners determine the right direction to take these projects. Focusing on adding more insulation to flooring, walls and ceilings can help significantly cut passive heating and cooling losses, and at the same time, can help owners identify which parts of their houses they should target for improvement during renovations. Prioritizing certain upgrades will help people experience the most marked savings quickly, Knoll stated. What's more, he pointed out that getting a rating and then improving on that figure will increase the overall valuation of a house, making it easier to sell in the future and serve as a better return on investment for those who take the time to upgrade their domiciles.

Improving airflow and insulation
Icynene products will help homeowners meet these goals. With almost one-third of all major air leaks occurring in walls, floors and ceilings, starting with spray foam insulation upgrades in these areas is easy when working on building on to current structures. Since update projects require deconstructing parts of the present structure, expanding the scope of spray foam applications is a logical next step for many homeowners concerned about energy ratings, heating and cooling costs and getting even more return on their home improvement investments. By adding Icynene, insulation problems in both internal and external walls can be reduced significantly. Floors and crawl spaces, even attics and roofs can become more airtight and moisture-proof by applying better insulation products from Icynene.

Best of all, by changing existing fiberglass insulation to spray foam resources ensures that every gap between walls, floors and ceilings is sealed against future leaks. This will help maintain the structural integrity of homes, reducing maintenance costs and improving utilities bills. Since foam products will never settle the way other insulation types might, there's no need to renovate buildings the way homeowners have to with older products. Adding spray foam during the renovation process will ensure that the entirety of a home, including additions and upgrades, will all remain at peak performance for years to come.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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