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Smarter solutions possible with Icynene insulation

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Smarter solutions possible with Icynene insulation

There are some great ways to save money around a house, but the smartest ones are also those that last the longest. Maximizing return on investment is the best way to ensure a homeowner is truly getting his or her money's worth. Even if it's just in little ways, putting money into renewable or long-lasting assets can help make pennies stretch and dollars go further. The secret is understanding where money escapes a home and blocking up these leaks.

Addressing problems
Quite literally, one of the biggest culprits of heating and cooling elements are the holes in walls, floors, crawl spaces, basements and ceilings that people may not even know exist. As the temperature changes, residents may notice that exterior qualities are more present in some parts of the house than others. Warm patches in an air conditioned home or cold drafts in certain parts of a building during the winter mean that there are air control problems present.

Handling these concerns requires opening up walls and looking inside for what's hidden beneath. If you already know you have old insulation, the answer can be anywhere from dismaying to disastrous. Older insulation products, including fiberglass, wool and vermiculite, may have already inflicted some damage on your pocketbook, but handling the issues sooner helps cut costs later.

A certified Icynene spray foam insulation contractor can help you decide what kind of Icynene is best for your home. Choosing between different R-values, insulation types and other various characteristics is best left to the professionals, as it installing this water-blown product. By making a full application just one time, the liquid will expand into a thorough barrier, sealing every crack between walls, around foundations or in attics. This makes it a superior solution to older kinds of insulation, as those are all prone to deterioration and rotting.

Reducing damage
With Icynene, it's easy to pin down the parts of a home that are being difficult and help remedy the situation. Some spots are definitely more prone than others to springing leaks and generating heating and cooling issues. The attic and the basement, for instance, can reduce overall comfort by up to 10 percent each, making it hard to enjoy time spent in the topmost or bottom levels of a home. Floors and walls can also account for the weaknesses in how air moves through a house, as these areas can create channels where heat or cold can easily pass from one part of the building to the other.

There are also a great array of products available through Icynene that offer different kinds of coverage, depending on the kinds of options a homeowner needs. Whether it's an irregular area, a deep cavity, a spot that's prone to extreme hot and cold or somewhere hard to reach, there are various items in the Icynene family that can accommodate these kinds of issues. There's also a range of various insulation values and protection capabilities that can provide the best coverage for any living environment.

Adding Icynene spray foam insulation reduces costs in the long term and makes it easy to enjoy a house all throughout the year. It cuts down on drafts, eliminates hot and cold spots, makes it harder for outside conditions to get in and provides a safe insulation alternative to traditional materials that might break down. Spray foam protects your house for years to come, offering a barrier between moisture, climate and other negative external factors.

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