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Spray foam insulation can repair weather-related damage quickly

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Spray foam insulation can repair weather-related damage quickly

No area of the world is immune to the effects of Mother Nature. Hurricanes and typhoons pound the coastlines of many countries, and other nations fall victim to torrential downpours, hailstorms, high winds and other natural disasters. These weather patterns can damage buildings, and contractors often search for a quick, reliable way to repair any cracks or gaps in walls or roofing tiles.

Spray foam insulation can be one such solution that can help after these weather scenarios. For example, Sprayfoam.com reported that a metal warehouse in Mississippi, was recently damaged by a major hailstorm. The previous insulation failed completely, and tenants were worried that water and other corrosive materials could begin seeping into the warehouse. However, spray foam contractors were called in to survey the damage, and they successfully finished a repair operation quickly.

"The hail damage prompted the owners to go ahead and retrofit," a spray foam insulation expert told the news source. "There are not a whole lot of options that can get the job done as well as spray foam did in this particular case."

But why is spray foam so beneficial in these circumstances?

Quick expansion
In an emergency weather situation, you need to be able to repair any cracks and gaps as quickly as possible, and spray foam insulation achieves this goal in an incredibly short amount of time. The solution expands up to 100 times its volume in seconds, and it is perfect for any hard-to-reach crevices in roofs and ceilings. In addition, the Icynene solution can expand to fit any shape of building.

While the traditional insulation types can fail, Icynene spray foam insulation typically lasts for the life of a building or structure. If any problems are noticed, Icynene spray foam contractors can complete a refurbishing application within minutes.

Sealing properties
Spray foam prevents numerous materials from entering a building, including everything from water to airborne irritants like dust and mold. In a warehouse setting, this is especially important, as long-term storage requires a non-corrosive environment and strict temperature settings.

Icynene spray foam insulation is the perfect guard against weather-related hazards and is also the ideal solution when a building is damaged in a storm. Customers who complete a spray foam installation will continue to enjoy the benefits of the foam for a very long time.

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