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Is spray foam insulation DIY?

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DIY spray foam insulation kits are only suitable for touch up jobs

Is spray foam insulation DIY?

With winter fast approaching, many homeowners are taking proactive steps to ensure their homes are comfortable and perform optimally throughout the colder months. From caulking gaps, clearing eaves and draining external faucets, many of these winterizing measures are DIY. Spray foam insulation, however, is one smart home improvement investment that should be completed by a licensed professional.  A licensed spray foam insulation professional can identify problem areas of your home where air leaks are costing you money each month. They may also recommend that better insulating your attic space can help reduce the risk of ice dams forming.

Further, licensed spray foam professionals, like those found via, have been through a comprehensive training program that educates them on best practices, set up for ideal spray foam applications and how to troubleshoot any spray foam problems. Only once they have successfully completed this training program are they licensed to spray foam such as Icynene.

Couldn’t I insulate my home with DIY spray foam insulation kits?

You may be wondering whether DIY spray foam insulation kits available in big box are a better, cheaper compromise.  Spray foam insulation DIY is cost-effective however, these DIY spray foam insulation kits are only useful for very small touch-up jobs, they cannot cover vast areas such as attics - which can be the biggest contributor to air loss.   Additionally, as a chemical product, any improper application or handling could compromise the performance of the product itself but may also potentially lead to other problems later on.  Even with the best intentions, you could encounter your own spray foam insulation nightmare.

Why choose to work with a professional?

Choosing to work with a spray foam insulation professional installer has many benefits. Not only are they trained and licensed, as mentioned earlier, in the proper application of spray foam insulation, they are able to guide you through the entire process so that you have an understanding of the installation process, how the installation will meet your local area’s building codes, how the spray foam will address problem areas around your home as well as provide you with guidance on how to optimize your home’s comfort for the long term.  Plus, you can reduce the risk of a spray foam insulation nightmare.

While DIY spray foam insulation is tempting for any household handyman, it is always a wise idea to speak to the professionals first and work with a licensed spray foam installer to achieve your home comfort goals.  You can find your nearest licensed Icynene spray foam contractor by clicking here.

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