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Spray foam insulation from Icynene continues to accrue accolades

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Spray foam insulation from Icynene continues to accrue accolades

When it comes to working with the best materials for the job, home builders and buyers alike want to be sure that Icynene insulation is onboard. Why? Because it's become one of the best insulation products in the housing market for boosting comfort and keeping down heating and cooling bills.

Above and beyond
Icynene recently received a number of new accolades, as Spray Foam Online pointed out. Some of the top praise includes:

  • One of the 100 Best New Products of 2014 (ProSeal Eco) by Professional Remodeler
  • Top product on 100 Best New Products for 2014 (Classic Max) by Professional Builders
  • 2014 Innovation Award for Spray Foam Insulation (Overall) by Executive Home Builder

This praise came from both editorial and reader points of view alike, showing a strong support base for Icynene spray foam insulation across many market segments. What's more, as Icynene continues to be singled out as a leader in so many different forums, it's likely that the company will continue to drive expansion of products, services and support. That means more innovation and ongoing efforts to improve and diversify existing lines.

For builders and homeowners alike, that means standing by any one of Icynene's solutions could help improve returns on any investor's up-front capital. As more of the company's individual offerings and its lineup as a whole become recognized as industry leaders, so too does being able to claim spray foam insulation as part of a house increase the total value of the structure.

Reaching new heights
Another article out of Spray Foam Online showed that industry leader DrJ Engineering gave Icynene approval its Classic Max and Classic Plus products in unvented attic applications. The material passed a rigorous End Use Configuration testing to help protect homes.

Some of the defining characteristics of Icynene Classic Max and Icynene Classic Plus include:

  • Better structural integrity maintained
  • Reduced foam requirements to meet standards
  • Icynene Classic Plus added to the list of fire approvals

What do all these benefits add up to for homeowners and those shopping for a residence? Talk to a certified Icynene contractor today to find out more about this material and what it can offer to specific buildings and projects. With so much praise for one product, it makes sense that spray foam insulation should be part of your home life.

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