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Spray foam insulation leading the market in home additions

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Spray foam insulation leading the market in home additions

There are a wide array of opportunities for people to upgrade their houses and change the total feel of their homes. These kinds of changes are often unseen, making them difficult for some owners to get behind, but such alterations can also have a major impact on housing altogether. The presence of these upgrades can help make the value of homes even greater by providing people a significant return on investment.

These qualities are much of what has helped contribute to the overall popularity of spray foam insulation. As more people become aware of the benefits, the amount of investment in these home improvement options continues to rise, with individuals realizing that they can earn greater heating and cooling benefits and more long term bonuses through the addition of spray foam.

Watching the numbers
With such strong attention to foam, the study suggested that the total market for such products will leap upward by more than 7 percent each year between now and 2017. The final industry value will peak $10 billion in the next 5 years, the source stated.

According to SprayFoam Online, a recent study by Freedonia, an Ohio research group, showed that the value and investment in spray foam insulation products is likely to increase significantly by 2017. The source pointed toward a mounting volume of knowledge that is pointing more residents toward the benefits this kind of product has to offer.

Finding the answers
The study showed that higher R-values, better return on investment and more attention to environmental concerns are helping push spray foam into the public eye. On top of that, there are strong indications that mounting building codes and green demands will force more builders to select these kinds of materials. That means whether it's a new home, recent addition or housing overhaul, it's more likely that a builder will want to seek out spray foam for the job.

That's why an Icynene certified contractor is such a strong asset for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes. These individuals are trained in the ways of home heating and cooling support, locating problems and addressing these issues in the most professional and proficient ways possible. A total home inspection from such a specialist can help reveal many of the weaknesses in a house that residents may have otherwise simply considered to be part of their living experience, including drafts, bad air or high bills.

Building for tomorrow
With the help of a certified Icynene expert, there are a number of areas in a house that people will likely want to upgrade. A professional contractor can help give the final call on these spots, but older homes and those with traditional insulation products may want to look more closely at areas like attics, walls and basements to ensure that the substances used to protect these regions are in good condition. The flimsy nature of older products like vermiculite and fiberglass can easily degrade over time, so inspecting the quality of these items is the first step in many situations.

With Icynene, insulation problems like dampness, deterioration and pocketing are nonexistent. Spray foam insulation brings value to the homes it's in by creating a thorough seal in all structures where it's applied, generating a thorough barrier between the inside and outdoors. This regulates temperature, reduces air mixing and makes for a more comfortable and manageable home. With so many people these days concerned about the environment and saving money, it's no wonder that Freedonia predicted more people will want to invest in spray foam insulation in the coming years.

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