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Spray foam insulation is proven to save homeowners both time and money

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Spray foam insulation is proven to save homeowners both time and money

Homeowners always try to prevent sinking an exorbitant amount of money into a personal residence, and one of the best cost-saving options available to them is spray foam insulation.

"Spray polyurethane foam insulation provides many benefits, including lower energy costs and a continuous seal that improves comfort by reducing air infiltration," said Peter Davis, head of the Spray Foam Coalition, according to Tulsa World. 

Regardless of a home's location, its occupants face common challenges, and spray foam helps to combat even the simplest problems. Read on to learn about a few nuisances and why spray foam insulation is the ideal solution for them all.

Environmental irritants
Dust mites, pollen and other allergens can enter a home through any cracks and gaps in siding panels or roofing tiles, and these irritants can wreak havoc on a person's immune system. Spray foam insulation acts as a deterrent to these materials because it easily expands to fill even the largest or most irregular spaces. In fact, the solution expands up to 100 times its volume in mere seconds, a trait that other types of insulation certainly do not have. With a spray foam insulation in place, even insects will not be able to invade your personal space, and your allergies will remain under control.

Insulation perks
Spray foam insulation is also an excellent insulator, and this is key in geographic areas that experience varied seasons. Spray foam is breathable enough for the hottest summers, but it also keeps warm air in the home during the winter. The solution accomplishes this goal because it prevents air from circulating throughout a space, and therefore every potential draft is eliminated. It also prevents outside air from entering the home through tiny gaps and collects condensation and other moisture to act as a liquid barrier.

Financial benefits and other savings
In the long run, a spray foam installation saves homeowners a ton of time, effort and money. Licensed Icynene professionals will arrive at a home and complete an installation within hours. The solution is guaranteed to last for the life of a building, but if any discrepancies occur, Icynene will send a team for refurbishment. The qualities listed above often reduce the cost of electric and heating bills, and come tax season, if your emissions are low enough, you might qualify for a fiscal break.

Complete a spray foam insulation installation to enjoy a comfortable, allergen-free home without emptying your bank account.

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