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Spray foam products from Icynene help homeowners reduce monthly expenses

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Spray foam products from Icynene help homeowners reduce monthly expenses

There are a number of major expenses that homeowners have to deal with in order to maintain their homes. Mortgage payments and utility bills can be substantial, especially during extremely hot or cold parts of the year, when maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is the most difficult. Structures that lack proper insulation will cost even more to care for, since they won't be able to hold in heat or cold as effectively as they might otherwise, thus causing homeowners to spend more on climate control than anything else.

However, there are ways of adding more energy efficient insulation to existing homes without breaking the bank or requiring an extensive amount of time and effort to install. What's more, the benefits of investing in spray foam insulation will quickly be paid back to homeowners through lower heating and cooling bills.

Saving on quality
Icynene spray foam insulation products allow homeowners to save as much as 50 percent^ on their heating and cooling costs. This is accomplished by sealing in wanted climate effects, such as central air conditioning, and keeping out the air and environmental elements that people don't want. It also lets homeowners choose smaller, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, making energy efficient lifestyle choices and buying less expensive hardware. What's more, by running such HVAC equipment less often, it can reduce strain on the system and makes for fewer upkeep expenses.

The end result is a home that's easier and cheaper to maintain, as well as one with a higher resale value. If people choose to sell their home, these cost savings mean that it will be their choice when they do, rather than a foreclosure or default event that puts them in that position. With some homeowners struggling to keep their homes, finding smarter ways of cutting costs in other areas is the best way to ensure there is always money for the mortgage. Icynene spray foam insulation products help homeowners meet that need, since an energy efficient insulation can mean fewer expenses in heating, cooling and air quality maintenance in the future.

Savings in all the right places
According to the Christian Science Monitor, a study by the University of North Carolina's Center for Community Capital found that energy efficient homes are more likely to help people make their mortgage payments and maintain utility payments. That's because they spend much less on heating and cooling than those whose homes aren't as well-insulated or have green appliances in their homes. These measures help drive down costs for gas and electricity, letting people apply that savings to their monthly mortgage bills instead.

The source showed that homes with a better energy rating were able to decrease their risk of mortgage default by up to one-third compared to those without similar options. The risk of default could be potentially similarly decreased for homeowners who install a superior insulation product. As stated in the Christian Science Monitor, cutting costs in other places on a regular basis will consistently free up more cash for people to apply toward other monthly bills. Such a scenario means never being short on a mortgage payment again, cutting the chance of a default or foreclosure significantly.

Using Icynene spray foam products can help people save money on heating and cooling. These utility savings can then be applied to more pressing mortgage expenses, allowing people to keep their homes. Not only can Icynene help cut costs now, but it can help ensure savings and happy homes for years to come.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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