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Students build new future for public housing

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Students build new future for public housing

There are plenty of opportunities for companies and communities to come together and improve the overall efficiency, value and reputation of these regions. Getting rid of outdated or dilapidated structures, improving overall appearances and providing the best and most advanced in environmentally friendly housing options can draw positive attention to an area, as well as drawing higher home valuations and creating new market trends for the region.

Upgrading old structures to new, modern and Icynene-insulated properties can help meet these ends. In some parts of the country, community projects are drawing on energy efficient solutions and better building materials to help improve housing options, and when relying on Icynene, insulation problems are easy to address.

Constructing for the future
Youth Build in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently began a student-fueled operation in Nicetown, a suburb outside the city. The program targets rundown and abandoned homes for renovation and rehabilitation in order to serve as public housing, improving the quality of neighborhoods and adding more space for new tenants to move in. The students are receiving help from regional construction and finance firms to make this project possible, and as more homes are added to the roster, the ability to add value to the region through new housing is becoming clear.

"I see remodeling, breaking stuff down, putting back up, putting new stuff in, making it look good," said Devon Goodwin, a student involved in the project, to CBS. The source reported that participants like Goodwin are part of an alternative high school diploma program that allows these children to become more savvy homebuyers and builders.

CBS Philly, a local affiliate, reported that the current Youth Build project will create two high efficiency homes in the space where the single home currently resides. These unique houses will help new owners better afford to maintain structures, since energy efficient buildings have fewer air leaks and better moisture control to keep weather or pest damage at a minimum for the long term. The participants in the project are hopeful that the overall effect will be putting the nice back it Nicetown by removing a blemish from the public eye and replacing it with smart, cost-efficient housing solutions for two new families.

Better building materials
Using products like Icynene spray foam insulation in such projects can encourage the best management of public or private properties. In this case, residential construction can benefit substantially by the addition of Icynene, since problems and insulation expenses associated with older fiberglass products are not an issue with spray foam materials. Adding Icynene spray foam options will help reduce new homeowners' heating and cooling bills by up to 50 percent^. This makes these homes much more valuable, since they will provide significant returns on initial investment to people who choose to purchase these kinds of houses. 

What's more, Icynene products help construction firms install more efficient HVAC products like radiators and air conditioner systems, making best-fit hardware practical to obtain. This can help free up design space by cutting down on the footprint that these climate control facilities take up. Spray foam products from Icynene significantly reduce air leakage, ensuring that heating and cooling resources don't need to be run as often or on as high settings in order to keep structures comfortable. This helps homeowners save money on eventual maintenance work, since machines won't be stressed as much as they might be in other homes.

Improving the look and feel of certain regions is easy when renovating with Icynene. As Philadelphia and other communities consider revitalization projects, they would be wise to incorporate spray foam insulation ideas into their materials lists for energy efficient homes and other buildings.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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