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Think spring with three tips from Icynene

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Think spring with three tips from Icynene

Every spring brings new challenges to homeowners, but those with the proper Icynene spray foam insulation in place have less to worry about than homeowners lacking these upgrades. Putting in spray foam helps block unwanted moisture, a critical aspect of protecting a house when snow and ice begins to melt away.

It's essential to the upkeep of a home that it be kept safe from harm, but there are other ways in which homes with spray foam insulation have the upper hand. As spring approaches, talk to a certified Icynene contractor about how your house can exceed expectations this year and in the future. Here are three of the big benefits to consider when thinking about adding spray foam to your home:

Window and door drafts
When air is able to escape around the edges of a window or door, it's difficult to keep homes at a constant, comfortable temperature. This is a common occurrence when windows and doors are hung wrong or have gaps around the edges where insulation isn't flush with the woodwork. It also happens when these structures are permeable to air, which is more a concern with the quality of the door or window itself.

Icynene spray foam insulation blocks up all these holes. As the University of Wyoming pointed out in its upgrades of student housing and other buildings, improving airflow around windows and doors has a huge impact on heating and cooling management. Adding Icynene helps cut these costs by as much as 50 percent^.

Leaky basements
One of the major problems that can negatively impact the infrastructure and well being of a building is the quality of its foundation. If the cement a house sits on is not solid, it can cause shifting of the upper floors, cracks in ceilings, broken windows and dangerous heating and cooling scenarios.

The NWI Times wrote that basements need to be checked every spring to ensure there's no water damage, leaking or shifting in the foundation. This is an indication that reinforcement is necessary and that gaps need to be sealed in order to prevent further damage. Icynene spray foam insulation offers this kind of protection by creating a solid barrier while also providing structural reinforcement.

Pest control
The spring is a season of birds of bees, but there's no reason for these animals to be in a family home. Icynene spray foam keeps pests from nesting in the attic or other areas of a building. This reduces allergy influences, enhances cleanliness and increases the durability of a dwelling.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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