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Top 5 signs you need to upgrade for the winter with Icynene

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Top 5 signs you need to upgrade for the winter with Icynene

Chances are you've noticed signs throughout your house that indicate that you need to upgrade to Icynene spray foam insulation. The thing is, you may not have even realized these are red flags that you need to make changes throughout your home. With Icynene insulation, the ability to manage heating and cooling, improve air quality and generate a positive living experience is much easier, so take a look at these top five issues you may have noticed and never knew meant your house was failing you in the lifestyle category. Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor about how to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

1.) Older construction
Simply having a home that's more than 30 years old is a good way to know you're in need of an insulation upgrade. The Pueblo Chieftain wrote that houses erected prior to 1980 likely use outdated varieties of insulation products that aren't as good at trapping heat or regulating temperature as more modern options. Spray foam insulation can help block cold air out and ensure hot air is kept indoors, allowing for less tweaking of thermostats and better comfort all over a house.

2.) Window condensation
When the temperature difference between two areas is too extreme, it can cause water vapor in the air on the hot side of the equation to change to its liquid state as it comes in close contact with the cold source. This happens on window panes, linoleum, slate and concrete surfaces throughout a home. When it takes place, residents should realize that this event indicates an insulation issue. Spray foam from Icynene can help regulate temperature around windows and doors to keep this phenomenon from happening, thereby reducing water damage and improving temperature management.

3.) Creeping drafts
Ever hopped out of bed in the morning and recoiled in shock due to cold floorboards and icy drafts? These are common occurrences in homes that lack the proper insulation protection between floors or within walls. Without the right kinds of spray foam insulation in these areas, it's possible for heat to escape quickly and cold air to take over where these warmer elements should be.

Noticing such a problem at the floor level or in certain spots by windows, near corners or around interior spaces of other kinds is a sign that residents need to contact an Icynene contractor. It's easy to fix these problems once they're recognized, and they can crop up in any part of a home.

4.) Thermostat and temperature problems
If you notice that you're always turning up the thermostat, there's a good chance there's something wrong with how your home holds heat. The Pueblo Chieftain added that there are often cold spots in roofs and attics that allow warm air to shoot out into the atmosphere, leaving houses cooler than they might otherwise have been. Icynene indicates that the uppermost levels of houses are often responsible for at least 10 percent heating and cooling loss, making these areas key factors in bills becoming more expensive and houses feeling uncomfortable throughout the year.

5.) Furnace troubles
Constantly turning up the temperature or increasing air conditioning demands puts strains on these internal systems. Running up costs on heating and cooling bills is one thing, but when furnaces and HVAC solutions wear down, it's necessary to spend extra money taking care of these devices. Without the proper Icynene spray foam insulation, homeowners could find they're spending a lot more trying to keep their basic heating and cooling systems in working order on top of other mounting expenses.

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