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Top questions to ask your contractor or remodeler

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Top questions to ask your contractor or remodeler

If you’ve begun the process of renovating your home, chances are you have lots of questions for your contractor. After all, there are so many options, it can be hard to know what to choose, without an expert’s advice. When it comes to the insulation you decide on, there are  a few great questions you can ask your contractor, to make sure you’re getting the insulation that’s right for you.

Which insulation contributes to creating a comfortable home environment?

An ideal insulation is one that helps reduce the entry of allergens and pollutants into your home. Icynene spray foam insulation can help by sealing your home to reduce the entry of airborne pollutants from entering your home. 


Does the insulation use as few materials as possible?

Reducing your environmental impact is something important to consider these days. When you choose spray foam insulation like Icynene, the need for tape, gaskets, caulking  and other insulation materials is noticeably reduced.



Which insulation can help maximize my home’s energy efficiency?

Minimizing air leakage is the most effective way to reduce energy loss in your home, and a highly effective way to do so is by creating an air barrier. Icynene spray foam can help you achieve that.


How does the insulation handle moisture?

Finding an insulation that helps limit the flow of moisture-laden air between walls and ceilings is important. It’s also beneficial to install insulation that repels moisture or allows moisture to pass through and dry out quickly to resume optimal performance.


Find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to learn more about Icynene.

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