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Top ways Icynene protects your home

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Top ways Icynene protects your home

Every homeowner fears the day something expensive breaks in their homes. It's only a matter of time in many cases before a pipe bursts, a fuse blows or a beam begins to crack. In some situations, the damage can be easy to repair. There are many occasions though where a costly reconstruction is necessary to remove the problem.

Installing the right products from the start can help homeowners avoid these kinds of fears and woes. When there's a solution in place that guards against a wide array of outside forces and indoor problems, it's easy to have peace of mind and rely on a sound budget. Putting pieces into play around a building that offer the greatest security and safety are also ideal, thereby providing a family with comfort all throughout the year.

Icynene delivers on all of these qualities. Spray foam insulation is known for creating a solid barrier throughout a house that makes it impervious to certain external forces. By adding this insulation to your home, you guarantee yourself, your family and your structure the best service and security of any building material. Here are some of the top areas where Icynene shines.

Heating and cooling
Icynene spray foam insulation cuts heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent^. This material makes a seal within walls, around floors, throughout attics, within crawl spaces and between interior structures. It also eliminates gaps around heating vents, pipes and fixtures. Such a high level of protection and comprehensive coverage means it's easier to maintain temperatures and difficult for damage to occur. At the same time, more manageable HVAC systems are eligible for installation, so that even when the thermostat is turned on, the amount of heating and cooling generated is actually in proportion to the home.

Air quality
Icynene's foam creates a solid envelope between the inside and outdoors. The substance forms such a tight infrastructure that it filters out bad air particles from the outdoors, providing superior breathability for residents as compared to those living in houses with traditional insulation. It's like comparing cheesecloth to a spaghetti strainer - one offers a barrier while the other creates a highly permeable interplay of different forces. By straining out smog, dust, pollen and other airborne toxins, Icynene homes offer better standards of health to everyone indoors.

Pest control
There are many bugs and animals outside that would love a warm place to hide in the winter or a safe place to start a nest. Some insects even use materials like fiberglass, wool, paper and vermiculite that are used in traditional insulation materials to make their homes. Icynene, on the other hand, is not a food source and repels most animals and bugs. This provides superior protection to housing infrastructure, reduces the risk of structural damage and cuts allergy sources significantly.

Wind and weather
When winds whip and storms howl, it's important to have a structure that can withstand the heaviest gails. Icynene not only helps mitigate the sound of wind against the sides of the house, it also provides structural support in some of its forms. The spray foam insulation acts as an additional, interior buffer that bolsters beams and fills in gaps in walls that might otherwise have proved themselves to be weak points in a building.

Additionally, Icynene creates a seal against all outside water and moisture. This pertains to rain, snow, sleet and ground water. By blocking these liquids, mold and mildew can't accumulate in a building. It also prevents damage from rot or rapid freezing and expanding.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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