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Traditional products outperformed by spray foam insulation from Icynene

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Traditional products outperformed by spray foam insulation from Icynene

Many builders use traditional fiberglass and other kinds of insulation products that are not as effective at holding in heat as spray foam insulation. Structures with traditional insulation types lose heating and cooling efficiency all throughout the year, resulting in higher costs to homeowners in the long run and less comfort within the structure. Remedying these concerns requires adding Icynene spray foam insulation to a house, as this product allows people to ensure their houses are sealed from top to bottom. Without this kind of upgrade, it's likely that air will slip through cracks, set around ducts and rest in empty pockets. Such occurrences hinder efficiency and can cause a slew of other issues for homeowners.

Talk to an Icynene certified installation specialist to get a home assessment completed showing where in your house would be wisest to apply Icynene. This spray foam insulation goes on thoroughly and quickly, creating a strong barrier between the indoors and the outside world. This modern insulation material prevents home heating and cooling elements from escaping, making it easy to maintain interior climate control.

Comparative sealing
A traditional insulation product like fiberglass foam is not as effective as Icynene at stopping hot and cold air from escaping. That's because, like a wool sweater, the composite material used in this kind of insulation is full of pockets and holes that impede airflow. Cellulose insulation works in much the same manner, letting interior elements mingle with the outside world by allowing these channels between your house to pass conditions back and forth like particles across a membrane.

Spray foam insulation creates a solid barrier that blocks the movement of air between these two distinct environments. By holding hot or cold air indoors where it belongs, homeowners can save up to 50 percent^ on their heating and cooling expenses every month. Instead of having to constantly adjust the thermostat, spray foam seals every crack and cranny so no HVAC power is wasted. Even in extreme weather like heat waves or cold snaps, Icynene helps maintain the interior comfort of any building much more effectively than older kinds of insulation.

Ongoing benefits
On top of that, spray foam is a safe and sag-free alternative to cellulose or fiberglass fill. Not only does it help block the spread of fire and moisture, it goes on quickly and in a single coating, expanding to fill up every space. It doesn't lose its shape over time the way a traditional insulation product will, thereby making it easier to maintain and further reducing home repair costs in the future. For homes in parts of the country particularly prone to heavy precipitation, Icynene can be a true saving grace in keeping rain and snow out of attics and basements.

Keeping outside liquids where they belong helps prevent mold and mildew, and because spray foam provides a seal around pipes and HVAC elements, it's impossible for moisture to collect inside walls, floors or ceilings. What's more, dangerous air particles are also kept out of the house and cannot make their way into insulation, thereby preventing dust and contaminate buildup. This further boosts the value of spray foam, promotes better health for residents and encourages long term savings for homeowners.

Adding Icynene spray foam insulation helps increase the value of a house by providing more protection and better temperature management. Unlike traditional cellulose or fiberglass fill, this product is easy to apply and rewards homeowners in the long run for investing in this kind of home improvement solution. With better air and temperature control, houses are much easier to maintain with Icynene.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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