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Understand the value of R-value

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Understand the value of R-value

When talking about the insulation in your home, you may hear the term “R-value”. Knowing what R-value is or the R-value needed for your home can be confusing. But as a homeowner you are not expected to be an R-value expert.  An insulation professional can help you separate the fact from fiction and make sense of what is required for your home. Professional insulation contractors are the R-value experts and can help illustrate the value of R-value for your home.

But what does R-value refer to?  R-value refers to insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. During the cold winter months, warm air moves around your house. With a poor insulation system, that air is not only moving around, but can be moving out into the cold! Having a good insulation system that provides an adequate R-value as per the local and state code requirements, together with an air barrier, can help stop the warm air you pay for from escaping. R-value, together with air sealing, can add to your home especially in the colder months when heating bills can soar or during summer when we all have the tendency to turn up the A/C.

Icynene spray foam insulation has a variety of open-cell and closed-cell insulation products that have higher R-values depending on what your local building code requires. Icynene spray foam products can help control the amount of conditioned air that escapes from your home ensuring a warm and comfortable climate during winter and a comfortable environment in summer.

There is a numerical per-inch number used for R-value. It is generally understood that the higher the numerical value, the greater heat resistance ability the insulation has. Having a high R-value, however, does not guarantee that no heat will be lost. Air is able to transmit through walls and ceilings that have any gaps or cracks, but with Icynene spray foam’s insulating and air sealing properties, air loss can be significantly minimized.  The value of R-value, together with air sealing ,for your home can significantly impact your monthly heating or cooling bills. That is because more of the warm or cool air you pay for stays inside. This helps your HVAC equipment to work more efficiently since it is not trying to compensate for air that has escaped. This also means your monthly heating (or cooling) bills can be reduced.

There is only one high performance insulation system that puts the value in R-value and complements it with air sealing – spray foam insulation.  

Talk to a licensed Icynene dealer in your area, to find out more information about R-value. 

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