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What is the best type of Insulation for your home?

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What is the best type of Insulation for your home?

Deciding what the best type of insulation for your home is can be a difficult decision. With the many different products and application processes, it can make the choice that much harder. There are systems such as blankets/ batts, loose fill, reflective, and spray foam which all have advantages, depending on where they are used. This can make the decision to use one over the other that much more challenging. What if one of these insulation systems outperformed the others? What if there was a product that did more than just insulate? What about if there was an insulation product that had a high R-value and kept pollutants out of your home? Would it be fair to say that said system is the best type of insulation to use within your home?

The characteristics of insulation are perceived to be the same by many people, but in reality are different. Icynene spray foam outperforms the traditional insulation types because it air seals and insulates in one step, performing year over year without compromise. The best insulation types should be able to perform consistently for years, so that you do not need to re-insulate your home often, costing you financially.

A key factor of insulation is the R-value that it has. R-value refers to the resistance to heat flow. Generally speaking, the higher the value, the better. But what R-value does not take into consideration is air leakage through cracks/ crevices. Using a high R-value insulation does not necessarily mean you are sealing those cracks where air can escape. With this in mind, the best insulation should be one that will have a high R-value as well as the ability to seal those cracks and crevices, so you do not lose the air you pay for. Icynene spray foam insulation is the best insulation for having a high R-value and an air barrier to better protect your home. Don’t settle on the traditional insulation when you can upgrade to the best insulation that pays for itself through monthly savings in lower heating and cooling bills. Another attribute you should expect from the best type of insulation is that it works to keep pollutants and allergens from entering your home. Because of the air sealing characteristics of Icynene foam insulatoin, entry of pollutants and allergens is limited helping the indoor living environment become a comfortable space for occupants including those who suffer from allergies. If there is air escaping that means that air is also entering, but Icynene spray foam can help stop that air transfer from happening. Be sure to choose the best insulation for your needs when insulating your home.

Talk to a licensed Icynene dealer in your area, to find out more information about what is the best insulation for your home.


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