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Why icicles mean it's time to add Icynene insulation

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Why icicles mean it's time to add Icynene insulation

Many people consider icicles to be a sign of changing seasons. As snow starts to melt during warmer days and freeze in the evening, it's normal to experience some ice accumulation, but these natural formations can be indicative of a potentially larger problem for homeowners. Pay attention to the size, shape and density of icicles to see if it's time to contact a certified Icynene contractor.

Let it melt
Snow coming off the roof will naturally drip and drizzle down on the ground below, but in order to form the big ice cones many people are used to seeing on the sides of homes and businesses, it requires a lot more water than may be melting at once. Areas like storm drains and gutters could be causing this issue. It's important to look around near the roof line and make a visual inspection first to see if there's anything amiss with drainage at the top of a home.

While you're up there, it's wise to look around to see if there's other damage to the building. It's also best to check whether there are hot spots anywhere on the surface, which may show up as parts of the roof where snow has melted faster than in other places.

Tracing the problem
If either or both of these conditions appear, it's time to check inside to see if the problem is easy to identify. There's a few things that could be happening that may cause a bigger issue over time if not properly handled by an Icynene contractor.

The Morning Sentinel wrote that the presence of icicles often means there isn't enough insulation in an attic or that it isn't properly applied. Fixing this issue is becoming more of an environmental concern for many homeowners as well, so finding an answer to both of these problems at once is important to people who want to save money now and in the future.

That's because adding Icynene spray foam insulation to a home serves to seal up all of the gaps in a house, especially in the attic where the lack of protection results in icicles and hot spots on the roof. Icynene allows residents to stop heat from escaping, thereby solving all of these external alarms from sounding.

With Icynene, reducing risks like heat loss and icicle formation is easier than with traditional forms of insulation. This substance goes on as a liquid and fills all the spaces in a wall, thereby generating an envelope of HVAC management around a house. This allows residents to save up to 50 percent on their heating and cooling costs^ for years to come, generating a significant return on investment.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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