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Why Spray Foam is the Best Insulation Choice for Your Attic

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Insulating your attic with the best insulation choice can help curb energy loss and high energy bills

Why Spray Foam is the Best Insulation Choice for Your Attic

Are you looking to insulate an unfinished attic to create a livable space? Or do you need to replace your existing attic insulation to curb air leakage or address drafts? If so, you should consider what the best insulation choice available to you would be. Consider modern, high performance materials such as spray foam insulation like that available from Icynene.

Why should you insulate your attic?

The Environmental Protection Agency explains that 30% of energy loss comes from air leakage. Because heat rises, the warm, expensive air heating your home moves through these leaks to unheated places, such as attics, and escapes out of the house, meaning you’re losing this expensively conditioned air. Your HVAC system is forced to work in overdrive to combat this loss of warm air, which raises your heating costs. To achieve optimal energy efficiency, ensure that your home is properly insulated from top to bottom with a high performance insulation material. 

Without proper insulation in the walls, floor, and ceilings of your home, heat loss will continue to occur, and cost more money each month. You can save on your annual heating and cooling bills by sealing air leaks and adding more insulation around your home. The best insulation choice will help provide a resistance to this escaping heat.

Icynene Spray Foam vs. Traditional Forms of Insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation expands up to 100 times its original volume upon application, making it the best insulation choice for both insulating, and air sealing an attic. This creates complete coverage over hard to reach gaps and cracks. Icynene spray foam insulation products have an R-value (how much resistance to heat flow an insulation product has) that ranges from 3.7 per inch – 6.75 per inch, and maintains these levels over the long term for even and consistent performance season over season, year over year.

Improperly installed traditional forms of insulation can often leave gaps or seams around oddly shaped areas, like electrical boxes or light fixtures. Often, those gaps or seams can potentially become larger over time, as the insulation begins to sag or absorb and retain moisture. These gaps can potentially lead to additional problems such as increased energy bills.

There are many different areas around your home that Icynene spray foam insulation can do to make a positive impact. Contact a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor in your area today to understand where Icynene spray foam insulation can be installed around your home to make it comfortable year round. 

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