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Why you need to consider air leaks & R-value

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Why you need to consider air leaks & R-value

Are you having trouble keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter?

It's not surprising when you see how much air can escape a home. In fact the typical American home can leak enough air every day to fill two blimps!

Air movement due to inadequate insulation wastes energy and money. Contrary to popular belief simply adding more r-value or topping up your existing insulation won't deliver proportional energy savings. That's because r-value doesn't control air leakage. which can be the biggest source of air loss in your home.

The performance of traditional insulation types can be further  compromised by gaps and seams around the frame where air can get in and out. So what is r-value? It's the numeric value given to insulation material based on its resistance to heat flow. R-value does not consider air movement through or around the material once it's been installed in your home. Instead what you really want is a material that does two things: insulate and air seal.

An insulation product like ICYNENE spray foam is both an insulation and an air barrier, which expands into cracks and crevices to reduce air leaks. Since ICYNENE forms an air seal to minimize air movement, it also prevents condensation and potential mold growth within walls and ceilings.

Of course insulation r-value is important. The more the better. But it's equally important, that without an air barrier, insulation in your home is really not that effective.

Spray foam is a two for one insulation and an air barrier product. Not only can you achieve savings on your heating and cooling bills each month, you can also limit the amount of pollutants in your home and contribute to sound control.

ICYNENE's licensed and trained contractors can tell you more.

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