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Work with a superior insulation specialist to improve your home comfort

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Work with a superior insulation specialist to improve your home comfort

There are many places in a house that are known for leaking conditioned air.  Inspecting these areas is standard operating procedure for most insulation contractors, especially those certified by Icynene. However, not all contractors offer the same level of thoroughness and integrity as others. Working with a contractor who lacks a certification can result in inferior installations and generate poor return on investment. It's important to know what to look for in a quality inspector and insulation specialist so as to pick the professional who can deliver.

Look for certification
Certification signifies that a contractor has completed a rigorous training and education process that makes professionals knowledgeable in a variety of housing improvement and insulation matters. Each licensed spray foam contractor with Icynene has been through an extensive training and certification program to ensure they are delivering a quality installation and a quality product every time.

Inspect the work
Whenever making upgrades to a house, it's important to have more than one expert on the job. Creating a responsible partnership with a contractor is essential for generating the best upgrade outcome, but it's also wise to seek other opinions as well. Cultivating connections between a certified Icynene contractor and other building professionals helps ensure that everything is moving according to the best interests of the homeowner and other residents.

That's why it's important for people to understand the decisions a certified contractor is making. Getting regular feedback makes it easy to see where spray foam insulation will be going, finding where cracks have popped up and isolating problems that may call for additional experts to be called. If there are significant issues with things like timber degradation, insect infestations or HVAC repairs needed, it's important for owners to be involved in the process.

Ask about sealing
One of the critical elements spray foam insulation is meant to remedy is the matter of leaking air from a building. Structures that lack a thorough seal can't perform as well as those with a tight, solid envelope around the premises. The point of a barrier is to generate better use of HVAC systems, maintain heating and cooling and provide for sufficient use of the home's thermostat.

Southern Minnesota Online wrote that consumers should be careful to ask their inspectors for feedback on what's being done and why. As the source noted, it was once thought that simply adding more insulation would stop airflow and heat or cold loss. Now experts know the matter is more complex, and Icynene contractors and spray foam insulation specialists can help with that.

Do the legwork
Southern Minnesota added that it's important to look into how people got their certification and how long they've been in the business. Seeking out others who have used the same services and currently have Icynene spray foam in their homes is the best idea, as this will show how heating and cooling costs have declined and what kinds of benefits these upgrades can deliver.

Online resources like social media help spread reliable word of mouth. Checking with the Better Business Bureau is also a sound idea. What's more, going through Icynene's contractor search tool will allow residents to find the best and most qualified contractors to meet their needs.

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