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spray foam applied to internal wall commercial project

On the interior side of a commercial building wall, the application of spray foam insulation allows for effective moisture management, thermal insulation and contributes to improved indoor air quality.

The use of open cell spray foam insulation as commercial building interior wall insulation helps to:

  • Avoid energy losses between walls that separate conditioned and non-conditioned spaces allowing for optimized performance
  • Protect against the ingress of pollutants, moisture and mold
  • Seals around penetrations, breaks and joints within the cavity
  • Protect against the mass transfer of moisture, thereby adding protection against the risk of condensation and mold issues, particularly ideal for spaces that have controlled environments such as server rooms or plant rooms

When combined with a continuous insulation wall system on the exterior featuring closed cell spray foam insulation, you are creating a comprehensive and extremely high performance wall assembly that outperforms any other traditional insulated wall system.