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Warm Climates

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Live in a warm climate? Find that your cooling bills are literally through the roof? By insulating your unvented attic with spray foam insulation like Icynene, you can reduce energy inefficiency in your home as well as ease the pain on your wallet every month. Temperatures in vented attics can reach well in excess of 120°F if you live in a warm climate. Common problems homeowners can face due to an uninsulated attic space can include:

  • Energy loss associated with duct leakage escaping to outside environment (10% to 15% duct leakage can translate into equipment efficiency losses of 20% to 30% according to early reports from a research project conducted by Natural Florida Retrofit [NFR], Inc.)
  • HVAC inefficiency
  • Moisture ingress in the attic

Live Comfortably, Even in Warm Climates

All of these problems can lead to high costs every month. Ensure your home is properly insulated with a high performance spray foam insulation material. Ask your architect or builder to ensure your attic space is insulated with spray foam insulation. By doing so you can:

  • Eliminate the loss of conditioned air.
  • Allow your HVAC equipment to work more efficiently which leads to both energy savings and reduced bills every month
  • Easily detect the source of any potential roof leak for easy repair
  • control rain water and wind-driven moisture ingress for added durability as well as
  • maintain attic temperature within five to 10°F of the living environment below