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How to ensure you have the most qualified spray foam contractor - Icynene

There’s been plenty of healthy discussion recently within the building community about the growing prevalence of spray foam insulation and its proper application. Spray foam insulation has become an increasing popular choice for homeowners looking to create an air-tight home, minimize energy consumption as well as save some of their hard-earned cash.

choosing and insulation contractor/installer & insulation type

Working with Icynene spray foam insulation offers a wide array of benefits for builders and homeowners alike. The cost savings, heating and cooling efficiency, air quality and pest control qualities of this product make it ideal for buildings of all kinds and in every part of the country. Making a solid investment in a home or commercial building requires using the top tools for the job, and with Icynene, insulation problems are sure to go out the window.

Creating an Energy Efficient Building Envelope

Today, more than ever, architects and builders are presented with a range of energy efficient products that enable them to design and build energy efficient structures - whether they are commercial or residential. NextGen Home's Steve Ducharme spoke to Icynene's Betsy Cosper about how insulation, in particular, spray foam insulation plays a role in creating an energy efficient building envelope.

Homeowners can keep cool & save money with energy efficient home solutions

Nowadays ,there are more options available to homeowners looking to make improvements to their home with energy efficient home solutions. Home Improvement expert, Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit recently spoke with Heather Hutzler from WSLS Newschannel 10 about energy efficient home solutions that homeowners across the US could complete to improve their home.

More builders using HERS Index to offer energy efficient homes

A increasing number of US builders are offering homeowners more energy efficient homes after committing to have their homes energy rated by a certified RESNET HERS rater.