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More builders using HERS Index to offer energy efficient homes

A increasing number of US builders are offering homeowners more energy efficient homes after committing to have their homes energy rated by a certified RESNET HERS rater.

Your Insulation Contractor Should Provide Guidance & Recommendations

Open-cell spray foam can be used to successfully deliver sustainable, high-performance results. Incorporating open-cell spray foam, such as Icynene’s LD-C-50, into a sustainable building can have a tremendous impact on achieving the core sustainable strategies of energy efficiency, moisture management and whole building design.

Open-cell spray foam insulation is an effective solution for architects and commercial builders to consider helping maximize air control and minimize related problems. In addition to energy efficiency, good quality open-cell spray foam also aids in moisture management.

Shape the Direction of Green Sustainable Design

Statistics from ENERGY STAR® show that commercial buildings account for around 18% of energy use and nearly 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. With a growing focus on energy efficiency and sustainable living, architects and designers have an opportunity to help shape the direction of green, sustainable design.