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Active House trilogy of approaches

While the Passive House building standard has grown to become recognized by architects and building professionals worldwide, there is another building standard that takes a similar approach and amplifies it further.

When it comes to energy efficient or “green” design, Passive House is one of the most rigorous building standards around.

Net Zero architectural design is a great approach for green buildings

 Net Zero is a popular design approach for architects striving towards designing and constructing “green” buildings since it is designed to help to reduce energy-related costs. 

Return on investment for sprayed in foam insulation

Foaming insulation as home insulation is an investment that offers homeowners the opportunity to achieve a return on investment through heating and cooling savings every month.  Sprayed foam insulation does have a greater initial investment than more traditional insulation options such as fiberglass insulation, mineral wool insulation and cellulose insulation.

“Spray foam insulation has high VOCs and causes health problems” and “Spray foam insulation is dangerous” are some of the comments made about spray foam insulation. Are these questions true? Icynene's Building Genius looks at the myths and misperceptions of spray foam insulation and helps separate fact from fiction.